Scottish artists oil painting showing the William Wallace monument

this painting has recently been sold

scottish painting

in 1297 William Wallace stood here and watched the English army
of 1,000 heavy cavalry and 50.000 infantry, who were the most
seasoned troops in Europe, mass below at Stirling Bridge. He led his army
of 16,000 down to victory. The river was said to have run red with the blood.
The monument was started in 1861 it took eight years to build
and it is 220 feet high.


The monument is open to the general public. Visitors climb the 246 step spiral staircase
to the viewing gallery inside the monument's crown, which provides expansive views of
the ochil hills and the Forth valley.

A number of artifacts believed to belong to Wallace are on display inside the monument,
including the Wallace sword, a 5 foot 4 inch-long claymore.



the painting is 8x10 inches

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